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Snacks & Sides:

  • Brun's Famous Creole Poutine (waffle-cut fries seasoned with handmade spice blend, topped with finely grated cheddar and Creole roast beef "debris gravy")
  • Cajun Meat Pie (beef)
  • Seasonal Pie Specials (currently CRAWFISH)
  • Creole Fries
  • Zapp's potato chips

 Po-Boy Sandwiches:

  • Pecan-Smoked Pulled Pork (aka "cochon de lait")
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Creole Roast Beef in Debris Gravy
  • The BeastMaker (roast beef + shrimp) L.A.'s ORIGINAL "surf & turf po-boy"
  • Son of the Beast (roast beef + Cajun meat pie)
  • The BabyMaker (pork + shrimp)
  • Creole Poutine Po-Boy

Creole Tacos:

  • Shrimp Tacos (shrimp + shaved purple cabbage, chipotle crema, salsa verde, & banh mi slaw)
  • Potato Tacos w/ cheese & "beef debris gravy" (simple, no toppings)
  • Pork Tacos (pork + shaved purple cabbage, salsa rojo, & banh mi slaw)