There are originators and then there are imitators.  Known by several names: Brun's , the Creole Soul Kitchen, the Po-Boy Patrol, Brun's Kitchen, and by some simply "The Sh!t" - Brun's is the first (and the best) kitchen in Los Angeles to serve bona fide New Orleans po-boys on Leidenheimer bread shipped directly from New Orleans.  We're also the first (and best) L.A. kitchen to serve pecan-smoked Cochon de Lait , Creole roast beef "debris," and the originator of the "surf and turf" roast beef debris & shrimp po-boy properly known as The BeastMaker.  If it ain't the original BeastMaker from Brun's , it's an imitation.

Brun Trumble was born & raised in New Orleans -- the food, music, and cultural traditions, his mother’s Mississippi Delta, and his father’s Southeast Texas: the best of the Gulf Coast. Brun's traveled to West Africa, Spain, and France to study links to the cuisine, music, and Voodoo of New Orleans & the Mississippi Delta.  Now Brun's got a truck and he's bringing the simple New Orleans Po-Boy (which we grew up eating and love so much) out to the streets of Los Angeles.

The concept of Brun’s is rooted in a crossroads upbringing, feeding a family of eleven with Creole, Cajun, Mississippi Delta soul food, and a little Tex-Mex.  The latest transition is from cooking family New Orleans recipes in Eastside pop-up kitchens to the streets via food truck.

While at LSU, Brun trained at Baton Rouge Cajun Cafe, Louie’s , and was heavily influenced by Big Momma's Soul cooking at Silver Moon Cafe , then mentored by Marvin Day at the Camellia Grill in New Orleans. In L.A., Brun has cooked alongside chef-owner Michelle Wilton in planning and plating seasonal locavore menus at Four Café in Eagle Rock.

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