There are originators and then there are imitators.  Known by several names: Brun's, the Creole Soul Kitchen, the Po-Boy Patrol, Brun's Kitchen, and by some simply "The Sh!t" - Brun's is the first (and the best) kitchen in Los Angeles to serve bona fide New Orleans po-boys on Leidenheimer bread shipped directly from New Orleans.  We're also the first (and best) L.A. kitchen to serve pecan-smoked Cochon de Lait, Creole roast beef "debris," and the originator of the "surf and turf" roast beef debris & shrimp po-boy properly known as The BeastMaker.  If it ain't the original BeastMaker from Brun's, it's an imitation.  And the Creole Poutine was named one of the best in SoCal, on Canada Day no less!


Brun Trumble was born & raised in New Orleans -- the food, music, and cultural traditions, his mother’s Mississippi Delta, and his father’s Southeast Texas: the best of the Gulf Coast.  Brun's traveled to West Africa, Spain, and France to study links to the cuisine, music, and Voodoo of New Orleans & the Mississippi Delta.  Now Brun's got a truck and he's bringing the simple New Orleans Po-Boy (which we grew up eating and love so much) out to the streets of Los Angeles.


The concept of Brun’s is rooted in a crossroads upbringing, feeding a family of eleven with Creole, Cajun, Mississippi Delta soul food, and a little Tex-Mex.  The latest transition is from cooking family New Orleans recipes in Eastside pop-up kitchens to the streets via food truck.


While at LSU, Brun trained at Baton Rouge Cajun Cafe, Louie’s, and was heavily influenced by Big Momma's Soul cooking at Silver Moon Cafe, then mentored by Marvin Day at the Camellia Grill in New Orleans.  In L.A., Brun has cooked alongside chef-owner Michelle Wilton in planning and plating seasonal locavore menus at Four Café in Eagle Rock.


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